Tips For Bridge Players

There are many tips for bridge players out there. This is not one of the simplest card games that you can play. If you ask me, I only have a couple of tips for those of you who want to start playing this game.

Personal tips for bridge players

First of all, you have to play a lot. As I mentioned, it will take time to get used to playing this game. Winning a bid, making sure you can meet a contract or blocking the efforts of the other team is quite tricky – no pun intended. This is why you need to keep on playing. That is the only way for you to be good at the game. Even if you lose, that is okay. But learn from the mistakes that you made.

Of course, you can also read a lot about it. There are a lot of articles about tips for bridge players – just like this one. You want to read based on your level of expertise. There are tips for beginners and there are tips for those who are more adept at playing the game.

When you play a game of bridge, it is important for you to focus. This does not just mean your cards. You also have to focus on your partner and your opponents. Not only that, you have to try to clear your mind as you go from one bridge game to the other. You might end up thinking of the last game and lose concentration on the next.

My last tip is to make sure you choose the right partner for the game. This is a team effort after all. Look for someone you enjoy playing with and who understands your strengths and how you play. Of course, the same is expected of you.

Bridge tips to help you win

There are also specific tips for bridge players that will help them win. You might want to take note of these as you try to play the game again and again.

  • Before the start of the game, get the total of your high card points. The Ace is equivalent to 4, the King 3, the Queen 2, Jack 1. If you have 12 or more when you combine your HCP, you should feel confident enough to open the bidding.
  • If you intend to open with a 1 heart or 1 spade, you need to have at least 5 cards in the same suit.
  • Know the rank of the suits – highest is spades, followed by hearts, diamonds, and the lowest is clubs.
  • If your cards are divided into 2 suits of 4 cards each, you should start with the minor suit (diamonds or clubs).

There are also certain tips that you need to consider when you are bidding in a game of bridge.

  • Use fewer words as possible (e.g. four hearts, pass).
  • Try to modulate your voice. Sometimes, we do not intend to do it but our voice shows the status of our hand. For instance, a weak hand makes us bid softly while the contrary makes us confident enough to bid loudly.
  • Avoid using body language. This is usually not allowed. Do not go emotional on the game. There are illegal signals that might cost you the game.

Consider these tips for bridge players so you can improve your skill and win more games.

webmaster / October 10, 2017 / Bridge