Secrets Of Better Play

Do you want to know the secrets of better play when it comes to bridge? If you really want to be good at it, you would want to get this information.

Not all of us are as lucky as me to have my grandfather show me the ropes. He taught me every trick in playing bridge – or so he said. I have a distinct feeling he is holding back some things because he didn’t want me to beat him at the bridge games we play when the family gets together. At least not yet. He’s a devious old man.

Qualities to improve to be better at playing bridge

But with what I have observed, I have come to identify the secrets of better play in contract bridge. It has something to do with the qualities and skills that you need to improve on to be good at every game. Since I am not as devious as my grandfather, allow me to share these secrets with you.


This is probably one of the most important skills to learn. You need to be able to set aside everything that is bothering you to be able to play a great game. This is probably why I play bridge when I feel stressed. If I want to win, I am forced to concentrate on the game. That made me forget even for a couple of hours. With that, I would suggest that you work on this first. In case you have trouble doing that, just step back and stop during the lower bids to keep your losses from becoming too great.

Logical thinking

This is another mental skill that you need to work on. I put this here above memory because it is probably more important. You need to have a logical checklist to help you in the bidding or even while in your defense. For instance, if someone bids on a suit twice, you can assume that they have a strong set of those suits in their hand. By comparing that with yours, you should be able to logically assume how you should respond to the bidding.


Most people think this is the most important to try and gauge what the opponents have in their hands. However, it is won over by concentration and logic. While it is not as high in value, that does not mean it is not important. You need to have a good enough memory to remember how your opponents place their bids and how they played in the past. That is how you can come up with your own strategy to beat them.

Apart from these three secrets of better play in a game of bridge, you also have to think about your demeanor and attitude as you play. You have to abide by the rules – specifically when it comes to communicating with your partner. While you may want to win, it is still important to be nice to the people you are playing with – even your opponents. Just enjoy the game and you should be alright.

webmaster / December 16, 2017 / Bridge