There are some people who have sent me a message about the name Oasis. As you know, this is the name that I use whenever I play a game of bridge online. Some of them have asked me why I chose that nickname. Well, it was not a name that was handpicked casually. In fact, I am quite proud of how I came about the name. Once I have explained it, you might even think I am a genius. I hope.

Why go by the name of Oasis?

Let me define the word for you first. When you hear that word, you immediately think of the desert. That dry patch of land where the scorching heat of the sun can be really dangerous. An oasis is your reprieve in this area. It is a fertile spot in the desert where the elusive water can be found. Since there is water here, you can expect that other forms of life can be found here as well – like trees, plants, etc.

But there is another definition of this word. It is also defined as a peaceful area or period in the middle of a very troublesome situation. It is the calm during a very difficult and stressful part of your life. That is the very genius reason why I chose to name myself Oasis in every bridge game that I play online.

Bridge reconnects me to my oasis

I have mentioned in my other articles how playing bridge is a big thing in our family. We always play it when we are together. This is a tradition that started with my grandfather and even his grandkids have learned to love it as well – me being the most enthusiastic about the game.

Every time I play bridge, I am reconnected to the good memories that I had with my family while playing. So whenever I feel like my life is very stressful, I usually play bridge to help myself relax. As I am reminded of the good memories with my family, I feel more at ease and relaxed.

This is the reason why Oasis is the perfect name for me while playing bridge.

webmaster / October 5, 2017 / Bridge