Family Evening

We recently had a family evening and it was a really memorable one. While my family and I try to do this often, our schedules cannot really accommodate it as often as we want. But as luck has it, we were able to squeeze in one night where everyone gathered to dine together and have some fun.

Of course, that night was not complete without a game of bridge.

A night of playing bridge

As I mentioned before, my family and I loved playing bridge. It was my grandfather that started it all. He taught his children to play the game so he had someone to play with whenever he wanted. Unfortunately, he did not have the same technology as we have right now. When I am bored, I can go online to play bridge. Back then, my grandfather only had his children to play with.

What is great about this is that it set up a tradition in the family. My father taught me and my siblings to play the game so we can enjoy it every time we meet up with the rest of the clan. Whenever we find the time to meet up, we always play bridge. We love the game and it is no secret among our friends. In fact, some of them join us for a game.

So what happened to our family evening? As expected, we played bridge. It was a tournament among us – with my grandfather overseeing everything of course. Despite his age, I am proud to say his mind is still quite sharp. In the end, the final games included me, my father, my grandfather and my sister. It was a fun game. My sister and I were partners and although we tried so hard, our elders got the best of us.

Planning the next bridge night

Although we lost, we knew there will always be another time and another opportunity to beat them in the game. We just have to keep on practising.

We are planning on playing another game of bridge pretty soon. My younger brother is celebrating his birthday next month and everyone said we should do a repeat of the family evening that we recently had. And with everyone present, I know for sure that the night will end with a couple of games of bridge. My sister and I are itching to win everything next time around.

webmaster / October 2, 2017 / Bridge