About Me

Hello and welcome to my website!

You are probably itching to know more about me. Well, you can call me Oasis. That is not really my actual name. But given that I intend to use this site to tell you about my greatest passion, then it is perfect for the purpose of this site.

About me and my love for playing bridge

If there is anything that you need to know about me, it is that I love playing bridge. I am not completely obsessed with it of course. But if I have some spare time, I always find a way to enjoy a game of bridge. It all started with my family’s love for the game. To be specific, my grandfather. He loved the game so much that he taught my father and the rest of us how to play.

Now that I live on my own in London, I am not able to play the game with my family like I used to. But that does not mean I stopped playing. I still play but I do it online. This is where I use the name Oasis. That is the nickname that I use. So if you ever encountered someone who is crazy about online bridge, you are probably playing against me.

About this website

In this website, you will not only learn things about me. You will also learn a thing or two about playing bridge. I do love to talk about it and you will see that as you go through the various articles on this site.

I have a lot of articles here that discusses various aspects of bridge – like how to play contract bridge. There are also articles about the rules of the game and how someone who is new at it can play it well. It is not a type of game that you can easily get used to and it can be tricky. Do not worry because I have the instructions somewhere on this website to help you out.

Since I currently play bridge online, I will share with you some of the websites that I go to whenever I want to play a game. There are a couple of sites out there and I will share my favourites with you. Since I am feeling generous, this website will also give you tips on how you can play bridge and the secrets to make you win every single time.

There will be some articles here about me and my family – while we are playing bridge of course. While I love playing online, there is nothing like sharing it with my family. So if you will stay around and read through the website, I sincerely hope you get to understand why I love the game so much.