Vacation Time!

It’s vacation time! Well, technically not yet. But we are planning it and everyone is excited.

With all of us grown up and busy with our lives, it is rare that we get the chance to spend a long time with each other. The most we can do is a dinner or a weekend together. But nothing long enough to be able to go on a long vacation. But with my mom’s birthday coming up – we really had to make it work.

So we are going on a vacation.

Vacationing in Croatia

Where will we all go? We will go to Croatia! Out vacation time will happen in this country.

Why? For one, it is pretty popular for the British right now. We miss the sunshine every now and then and Croatia has a lot of the sun shining on them. Not only that, they offer a lot of value for your money. While I was researching some of our itinerary options, we found a lot of good deals out there.

Not only that, my family and I love the Game of Thrones. And if there is one place that will help us live our favourite, it is this place. The show uses a lot of Croatia’s landscape for their exterior shots. It would be amazing to bring our mom in this place.

There are so many things for my family and me to enjoy in this place. The Roman ruins, amphitheatre, national parks, and the beautiful landscapes – all of this would make for one amazing vacation time for the whole family.

We are going kayaking along the Dalmatian coast

Probably the best thing for me about Croatia is the pristine beaches. Of course, that means we have plans to enjoy that as much as we can!

In fact, we have plans to go kayaking along the Dalmatian coast. There are several small islands that are accessible on this coast and we plan to do that through a kayak. This is one of the rawest and undeveloped coastlines in the whole of Europe. It should be quite a great experience for us. I, for one, is very excited to go. We plan to explore the coast and have hours of fun kayaking. It should be a great experience for all of us.

I really can’t wait for this vacation time to happen. The quality time will be off the charts and some round of bridge games should make it even more exciting.

webmaster / February 17, 2018 / Bridge